EV Energy Taskforce: Data Accessibility and Privacy

1 October 2021

Our future EV ownership experience will be driven and enhanced by data – both from ourselves and between chargepoint operators and the energy system. And whilst this promises a personalised and seamless user journey that’s better for us, the environment and our wallets, it is dependent upon consumers being willing to share their data – something many are not comfortable with.

This report from the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce recognises the vital importance of data privacy and security and the need to build consumer trust and confidence in our EV charging systems.

By mapping out the EV data flows and digital activity across the EV charging environment, this report provides a gap analysis of outstanding data infrastructure outputs, identifies the key issues we face and provides data solutions for optimising the UK’s energy system to deliver better consumer outcomes and policy decisions.

Report produced by EV Energy Taskforce Working Group Four, led by Teodora Kaneva, TechUK

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