There is an opportunity to make the transition to EVs a positive consumer experience. The aim should be to make consumers want to drive an EV in the same way that they want to use a smart phone. However, committing to an EV is a significantly bigger decision than buying a smart phone.

Winning consumers’ trust and confidence in all aspects of the EV proposition is therefore essential. The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce proposes that industry and Government should provide appropriate support, advice and protection starting at the point of sale.

It is proposed that an independent body should promote the benefits of smart charging; Government should fund an independent advice service; and Ofgem and industry should ensure robust consumer protection and effective complaint handling.

EV Energy Taskforce Webinar: Smart Charging & Cyber Security

EV Energy Taskforce Webinar: Smart Charging & Cyber Security

30 April 2021

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'Electric vehicles will impact how energy consumers buy, use and sell their electricity. As market offers become more complex and the number of intermediaries increase, access to independent advice and effective complaints handling will be crucial for consumers to get their problems solved.'Gillian Guy, Citizens Advice CEO