The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce considers that two key principles should be applied in relation to EV data management. First, EV drivers should see value in allowing their data to be shared with third parties. Second, they must be assured that their data will be protected. EV drivers will expect easy access to comprehensive chargepoint data: location, availability, and speed of charge.

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce proposes that chargepoint operators make this data available to meet this need. A key theme underlying the work of the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce has been whole-system thinking. The parties developing the EV charging infrastructure will work closely with the electricity industry and the national and local planning authorities.

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce supports the recommendations made by the Energy Data Taskforce and believes they can be applied in the EV sector. Industry, including EV manufacturers, should cooperate to put in place data acquisition and sharing mechanisms that facilitate efficient planning and operation of the EV charging infrastructure.

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce

20 November 2020

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'A flexible grid, delivering smart charging to smart electric vehicles requires accessible data. Frameworks therefore need to be developed to facilitate the appropriate secure sharing of this data.'Matt Evans, TechUK, Executive Director