EV Energy Taskforce: Cyber Security and Smart Charging

1 October 2021

Front cover of Cyber Security report, with stylised cityscape with digital cryptographic icons overlayed

Just as data now dominates our daily digital lives, it too is at the heart of our smart charging aspirations and an intrinsic part of achieving the UK’s electric revolution and zero emission targets. It is therefore imperative that data and security standards and protocols are established now, as the market undergoes rapid growth, before it is too late.

This report from the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce explores the issues and uncertainties around charging device interoperability, cyber security, data privacy and grid flexibility and stability; and the interventions and actions urgently required to overcome these challenges.

Clearly no small task, this necessitates a collaborative, iterative approach by all stakeholders to now define and advise Government on the standards and specifications needed to ensure an efficient, equitable and affordable roll-out of smart EV charging infrastructure in the UK.

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EV Energy Taskforce Webinar: Smart Charging & Cyber Security

EV Energy Taskforce Webinar: Smart Charging & Cyber Security

30 April 2021

Report produced by EV Energy Taskforce Working Group 3, led by Jeremy Yapp, BEAMA

Working Group 3 Report

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