EV Energy Taskforce: Moving from Proposals to Actions

19 October 2020

Interim Report – October 2020

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce was established in 2018 to bring together the auto and energy sectors to make proposals to Government and industry that ensure the GB energy system is able to accelerate the mass take-up of electric vehicles, while also delivering benefits to the electricity system.



The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce report ‘Energising our electric vehicle transition’ was published in January 2020. This made twenty-one far reaching proposals to remove actual or potential barriers and reinforce actual or potential enablers. It focused on key issues and identified when important questions must be resolved.

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce, at the invitation of Government, moved into a second phase of activity during 2020 to ensure these proposals are put into action, and now provides a collaborative strategic review body to develop, action and monitor each proposal and communicate progress on their implementation.

The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce proposals were made in the knowledge that there are a significant number of projects, programmes and initiatives being undertaken or planned that will also contribute to realising GB’s needed capability in the required timescales. It is also recognised that the electric vehicle charging landscape is a dynamic space, and so while the focus should be on delivery against the original twenty-one proposals, there is also a requirement to ensure they remain current and continue to respond to the critical issues covered within the broader scope of the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce. It is also critical that the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce avoids duplication in a fastevolving environment, provides additionality to existing activity and identifies where to focus resources.



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