Driving disruption — Which automotive companies will seize the opportunities in a low-carbon economy?

8 April 2018

This report updates and expands CDP’s research and League Table for the global automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), first published in February 2015 and again in March 2016. It ranks 16 of the largest publicly listed automotive companies on business readiness for a low-carbon transition.

The companies in aggregate represent 79% of the global passenger vehicle market by sales volume. The automotive sector is reaching a tipping point; facing disruptive forces from advanced vehicles1 and autonomous, shared driving. Tightening emissions regulations2 and country quotas are forcing companies to increase penetration rates of low-emission vehicles.

OEMs face challenges from tech players and profits are shifting towards tech / software suppliers and ridesharing services. Incumbent OEMs may see these challenges as threats to existing business models but to be successful they must embrace the new opportunities and markets that will become available over the coming years.

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