EV Energy Taskforce: Webinar One – Smart Charging & Cyber Security

30th April 2021

11:00 - 12:30 BST

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Featuring expert speakers from the Taskforce is intended to update delegates on the more detailed work of the initiative in the areas of smart charging and cyber security. The event covered what requirements will need to be included in future government regulations and industry initiatives to ensure the resilience and efficient performance of the energy system.

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Phase One Work Package 3 was asked to focus on the technical requirements for smart charging, all forms of charging were in scope.

The key objective for Work Package 3 was to ensure that Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and possible Electricity System Operators (ESOs) can send signals to market participants that will reliably result in modifications to EV charging patterns, allowing them to minimise the need for costly network reinforcement. Work Package 3 recognised that this should also consider support of load management in response to energy availability. The question of whether there are sufficient incentives for consumers to respond to the signals was considered outside of the scope of Work Package 3; the group simply focused on ensuring that there were the technical foundations to support this service.

Work Package 3 identified four key themes during its work, these were:

  • Minimum technical requirements for smart chargers.
  • Cyber security and data privacy.
  • Interoperability.
  • Flexibility.

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ReportsSmart Charging Technical Requirements14 October 2020

Smart Charging Technical Requirements. The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce was set up to address a range of questions related to meeting the demands of the wide scale adoption of Electric vehicles (EV) on the electrical networks. The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce established four Work Packages to consider the following issues: Work Package 1 – A common strategic understanding of the requirements of the energy system to support mass EV uptake. Work Package 2 – Engaging EV Users in Smart Charging and Energy Services Work Package 3 – Smart Charging…

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