Charging The Future: Drivers for Success 2035

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A key objective of the EV Energy Taskforce was to help establish a consensus on a no regrets path to electrifying road transport. The aim of this study was to identify the essential elements of a functioning ecosystem that will meet the requirements of EV users over the next ten years. Achieving this aim required the development of an aligned, evidence-based view, shared between participants in the EV Energy Taskforce (who represent the widest range of stakeholder perspectives).

There are three key reasons why this work is distinctive:

  • It is based on a very rich whole-system view of the challenge, synthesising a wide range of models and expert analysis.
  • It offers both a quantitative view of future infrastructure and consideration of the steps needed to deliver it.
  • Most importantly, it is the result of intense collaboration and scrutiny across the breadth of organisations and interests represented in the EV Energy Taskforce.

The assumptions used and the conclusions drawn are based on representative expert consensus, delivered through working groups and collective scrutiny. The assumptions, and the key data sets used by and generated from the modelling work, will be made publicly available and accessible via this website soon.

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