Gridserve commits to build 50 ultra-rapid charging hubs after buying Ecotricity network

30 June 2021

Gridserve has announced plans for a £100m electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure project which will deliver a network of more than 50 high-powered ‘electric hubs’, 300 rapid chargers at more than 150 locations and more than 100 electric forecourts across the UK. The move comes shortly after the company announced the full takeover of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway network.

The company plans to deliver more than ten Electric Highway hubs this year. Each hub will enable 350kW charging capable of adding 100 miles range to a typical EV in just 5 minutes.

Toddington Harper, Chief Executive Officer said: “Gridserve’s purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change and the Gridserve Electric Highway, a network of easy-to-use, reliable, rapid and high power chargers right across the UK, is doing just that, eliminating charging anxiety and making driving electric an enjoyable, ultra-convenient and stress-free experience.”

After acquiring 25% of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway network earlier this year, Gridserve recently announced the full takeover of the network.

Ecotricity began Electric Highway ten years ago and it has played a significant role in kickstarting the country’s electric car revolution.

Gridserve has confirmed that it will invest in the Electric Highway, replacing all the existing chargers on the network with new technology that features all the latest advances including contactless payment. It recently opened the UK’s first fully electric forecourt alongside EV leasing service in Essex​.

Gridserve describes itself as “a tech-enabled sustainable energy business”. It develops, builds, owns and operates low cost, clean energy solutions for critical power infrastructure.

Dale Vince OBE, Founder, Ecotricity, said: “We’ve reached an interesting point in the electric car revolution, exponential growth is just around the corner, the technology for charging has evolved with one standard and an incredible rate of charging now being possible – using an electric car is almost on a par with using a fossil powered car, where you can just top up once every week or two.

“The Electric Highway needs a growth spurt, to make sure that it stays ahead of driver demand and continues to play its key role, as the network that delivers more miles every year than any other. For this the Electric Highway needs an owner with access to serious funding and real commitment to the cause – I’m delighted to have found the ideal company to hand the baton to, in Gridserve.”

Toddington Harper, Gridserve’s CEO said: “It’s a real honour for Gridserve to have been chosen by Ecotricity as the organisation to take the Electric Highway forward in its next phase. Our purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change, and the upgraded network will provide the confidence for millions more people to make the successful transition to electric vehicles in the earliest possible timeframes.”

Meanwhile, US telecom company Charge Enterprises Inc has announced a strategic investment in UK electric vehicle (EV) charging company Connected Kerb.

Charge has obtained a three year exclusive right to first refusal for all of Connected Kerb’s future installations in North America, subject to certain terms and conditions. The investment, the company says, will help advance the company’s plans to be part of US President Biden’s infrastructure plan to meet the growing demand for nationwide adoption of EV.

Connected Kerb provides on-street residential and long-dwell destination such as workplaces and fleet charging. It will complement Charge’s mission to help make mobility manageable in cities according to Charge founder and CEO Andrew Fox.

Note: Gridserve’s Chief Vehicle Officer, Sam Clarke, will be speaking at Zemo Partnership’s Annual Conference on July 20. Click here for more details.